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TIRED of not getting a good night's sleep, is waking up constantly taking it's toll. Wish your little one could sleep anywhere when out and about.
Our Baby Pillow is designed for comfort and better sleep for your little one.
  • Use at home in a cot/crib/bassinet or take it on the go!
  • Lightweight and easy to take with you!
  • Made with 100% Breathable Materials
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable for newborns up to 12 months

Mimics the shape of the mother’s womb 

It creates a snug environment, which your little one will like because it’ll remind him/her of being held or even of what it was like in the womb and help him/her relax and easily fall asleep.

Anti-rollover design

The comfortable, raised edge of the cushion surrounds your baby and prevent him/her from rolling over, creating a secure atmosphere for your little one during bedtime.

Reduces the Risk of Flat-Head 

The pediatrician designed head-rest distributes pressure evenly over the skull and neck. This helps the baby develop the proper head shape and prevents the risk of the flat-head syndrome.


Can be adjusted in three sizes: big, normal, and small to fit your baby accordingly. It’s a lounger bed to rest and play, and even a comfortable cushion for your baby to get a diaper change.
SOCUZZY™ Baby Pillow

Facilitates Digestion

To help with the baby's digestive discomfort, an adjustable positioning cushion raises the legs of your little one.

Provides Ultimate Comfort

The Baby Pillow is made out of soft breathable fabric that keeps the back and neck areas of the baby cool. It is also 100% adjustable to accommodate your little one's growing size. 

Helps Prevent Startle Reflex

Built-in cushioned edges are an essential part of the Baby Pillow beneficial design. It creates a cocoon feel that reassures baby and prevents startle reflex, also known as Moro reflex.


Portable. Lightweight and small, it can be carried around when needed. You can use it at home or during travel and use it as an extra layer of comfort and safety on the crib, bed, and sofa. 


Product Type: Shaped Pillow

Material: Fabric 

Dimensions: Gray Style:50*35CM/Gray Bear Style:56*37CM

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