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Fire Rail Car With Ducks

Fire Rail Car With Ducks

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About this item

  • Unique Sliding Track Toy: This toy includes three adorable yellow ducks, a stair section, and three sliding tracks. The ducks will be sent to the top one by one after the toy is assembled and started, and they will then slide back to the beginning for the subsequent round.
  • Promotes Development: Encourages practical and motor skills development through interactive features like stair climbing and imaginative play scenarios.
  • Ending position is Starting Point: These small ducks will automatically return to the starting position after sliding down thanks to the escalator-like system and sliding tracks. It will therefore continue to function until you stop it.
  • Automatically Climb the Stairs: The toy's stairs section functions similarly to an escalator thanks to a mechanism housed inside the main body of the device. Just as on an escalator, the adorable ducklings will be sent to the top.
  • ★ Music & Light Function: When the toy activates, dynamic music will play and sparkling lights will be seen. This feature makes the toy funnier and easier to draw in children.
  • ★ Perfect Present for Children: Almost no infant can say no to a fascinating toy with a unique use and a beautiful appearance. Children may put it together on their own, but since there are only three tracks to connect, assembly is necessary.
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