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Nail Trimming Set

Nail Trimming Set

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Never Worry About Cutting Your Baby's Nails Ever Again!

The Nail Trimming Set is a 'must have' if you are afraid of doing your babies nail thinking you might accidentally hurt them. 

With our gentle, skin-safe filing pads designed to trim your baby's sensitive nail, you can be rest-assured it's 100% pain-free for your baby and less stressful for you. 

Built in quiet motor and LED light makes it so easy for you to trim their nail while they're sleeping without them ever knowing. 

Time to switch to safer, faster and easier alternative to nail clipper and scissors knowing you are covered with our 100% money back guarantee

No More Accidental Cuts

We get how scary it is to clip their nails fearing you might accidentally cut them when they resist/fidget.

With our super soft nail file, you can safely and quickly trim/polish their delicate nails without causing any discomfort to your precious baby.

Hassle-Free Discreet Trimming

Boasting an LED front light and whisper-quiet motor, you can trim their nails while they're sleeping without them ever knowing.

6 Grinding Heads For Each Needs

The Trimming Set comes with 3 cushion sandpaper safe for different stages of babies’ growth and various needs while the other 3 attachments are for adult use.

Supply material: ABS resin
Size: 40*25*130mm
Parameter: 5500rpm Safety Speed Speed

Easy To Use

1. Install 2x AA batteries, then close the cover.

2. Choose your corresponding grinding head respective to the age.

3. Connect the grinding head to the device.

4. Push the button to the rotation and speed that you're comfortable with.

5. Gently trim nails until desired length is reached.

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